Cambridge Theatre Seating

Cambridge Theatre Seating Plan

With an astounding occupancy of 1287, the stunning theatre is categorised into three levels as Stalls, Dress Circle and Upper Circle. The closest section to the stage is the Stalls section which leads to tickets price higher as you would be able to enjoy the expressions of the actor clearly. Moreover, you will feel to be an active part of the action. Being well raked seats, seats in the rear section of the Stalls offer clear view.

On the other hand, Dress Circle is mainly categorised into three sections with two aisles. In this section, seats are not curved and you would be able to enjoy clear view without any obstructions. If you want to be part of action and enjoy finest of expressions then opt for the front section seats.

Third section of Cambridge Theatre is Upper Circle which is mainly categorised into front and back section by central aisle. You can enjoy some best views of the stage from the front section.